Billian Billian Lyrics (Guri)

Billian Billian Lyrics – Guri, starring Guri. The Song is sung by Guri and music has been composed by Sukhe Muzical Doctorz and lyrics have been penned by Guri.

Billian Billian

Song: Billian Billian
Music Director: Sukhe Muzical Doctorz
Lyrics: Guri
Singers: Guri
Star Cast: Guri
Video Director: Satti Dhillon
Music Label: Geet MP3

Billian Billian Lyrics

Billian billian akhaan,
Jihna akhaan nu mein takkan… (2 Times)

Tu saate gaur ni krdi,
Mein roz hi nazran rakhan…

Bull gulabi nain sharaabi,
Bull gulabi nain sharaabi,
Dil teh maarde sattan,
Billian billian akhaan…

Kanna vichh vaaliyan,
Thoddi utthe til ni,
Bhawien lakh kra lai tarrle,
Ikk vaari saanu mil ni… (2 Times)

Gall vass chh na mere assi aashiq tere,
Aashiq tere gall vass chh na mere,
Roll na wangu kakhaan,
Billian billian akhaan…

Suit pavein lakh-lakh da billo,
Sab khel teri akh da billo,
Suit pavein lakh-lakh da billo,
Sab khel teri akh da billo,
Manak tenu takkda haaye nahio akhda,
Haaye nahio akhda…

Saanu dil chh vassa lai,
Haaye ni seene naal la lai,
Seene naal la lai,
Haaye dil chh vassa lai,
Tenu saambh-saambh ke rakhan,
Billian billian akhaan…

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